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We regularly receive positive feedback from our customers. Here are several testimonials to reflect the type of results and level of clients we work with.

"They've been doing my résumé for 20 years. I'll never go any place else."
Vice President, Business Development, AVNET
7 Interviews, 5 Offers, 35% Salary Increase
"I've gotten great response to my résumé. They captured everything people want to know and the calls kept coming in."
Chief Operating Officer, Regis Corporation
8 Interviews, 3 Offers, 20% Salary Increase
"Every interview started with accolades about my résumé."
Vice President, Mutual of Omaha
6 Interviews, 3 Offers, 35% Salary Increase
Group of Co-workers
Business Meeting
"Almost every company I contacted had a serious interest in hiring me."
Director of Operations, Juniper Networks
9 Interviews, 5 Offers, 30% Salary Increase
"I had been out of work for a year and was hired 3 weeks after they transformed by résumé."
Vice President, Solidscape
4 Interviews, 2 Offers, 25% Salary Increase
"They interviewed me extensively and creatively packaged everything together."
Global Vice President of Sales, Isuzu Motor Company
6 Interviews, 3 Offers, 20% Salary Increase
"I felt like a completely different person in my new résumé. I emailed it out and got called back in 10 minutes."
Regional Manager, Cisco Systems
3 Interviews, 2 Offers, 60% Salary Increase
"I received offers from Walt Disney, Microsoft, and other top corporations."
Senior Vice President, Bank of America
8 Interviews, 4 Offers, 60% Salary Increase
"They did a great job and captured all my top selling points. I accepted a new position in a few weeks."
Chief Operating Officer, AT&T Wireless
4 Interviews, 2 Offers, 20% Salary Increase
Work Associates
Tutor with Student
"They are masters at drawing out key achievements and experience targeted to your desired role. I would highly recommend their services."
Director of Marketing, Dell Computer
4 Interviews, 2 Offers, 30% Salary Increase
"After 20 years in human resources, I thought I had seen everything in résumés. Boy was I wrong. What a night and day difference from what I started from."
Vice President of Human Resources, UPS
5 Interviews, 2 Offers, 20% Salary Increase
"The best money I ever spent made this the easiest job search I ever had."
Senior Network Architect, IBM
3 Interviews, 2 Offers, 25% Salary Increase
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