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If your résumé doesn't jump off the page, then your job search will need life support. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that only 1 of 1,470 résumés distributed results in an accepted job opportunity. Can your résumé stack up against almost 1,500 others?

We don't just write résumés, we resurrect them. We specialize in the writing, design, creation and reconstruction of job search materials. Our results and effectiveness are unparalleled in the industry:

Average Results *
Interview Rate Salary Increase Length of Search

CPR 25%-50% 25% 4-6 weeks
Other Professional Résumés 5-10% 10% 3-4 months
Self-Prepared Résumés 1-3% 5% 4-6 months

The majority of résumés have glaring problems. We know what companies look for and how they want information presented. If your résumé suffers from any of the following afflictions, then you need CPR.
Visually Uninteresting
Contains Too Much Fluff
Lacks Impact or Punch
Too Long or Too Short
Emphasizes the Wrong Things
Generally Ineffective
Poor Content
High School Vocabulary
Describes Jobs, Not Accomplishments
Improper Buzzwords

* CPR statistics gathered from completed follow-up questionnaires and client surveys. Estimated Professional Résumé averages compiled from competitors and industry data. Self-Prepared Résumé data as reported by Department of Labor and Wall Street Journal.
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